Saturday, November 12, 2011

What kind of dog is toto from wizard of oz?

toto, the little black dog from wizard of oz, is absolutely adorable! does anyone know what breed he is? thankyou! [=|||He is a cutie.

I think he's a cairn terrier. It looks about right.

He's definitely some kind of terrier.

Poor Toto, always being chased by angry old women and shoved into a basket. Good thing he's so darn cute.|||If I remember what he looks like, I believe he's a Cairn terrier.|||Toto was a gorgeous Cairn Terrier!!|||i think he is a cairn terrier|||He is a Cairn Terrier... they are ADORABLE little dogs my aunt has one!|||Cairn terrier|||It was a Cairn.....low/poor/ coat.too small,way up on leg,weedy......

*%26amp;* NOT BLACK=BRINDLE!!!! Cairn must NOT be black!!!!|||Cairn Terrier here are some facts about this dog.

1small and compact and with bags of character. Its shaggy coat is water proof and usually brindled, but can range from cream and gray to wheaten, red and nearly black. It's sharp ears make it look alert (but not mine it';s ears lay flat down) and ready for anything.

2 these are frisky little dogs that are always on lookout for something new to do. They thrive on attention and need to have time devoted to them. A typical terrier, it loves digging, (mine doesn't) but also adds chewing and climbing to it's bad points It can be quite vocal, making it a good watchdog and an engaging communicator.

3 definitely a "people" dog. It will be steadfastly loyal to it's owner, (means it will fallow you around) play happily with children, and train easily. Al though it is happy to take exercise, it doesn't require much to keep fit. It does need a little grooming to maintain that disreputable look.

4 thought to have originated in the Middle Ages on the isle of Skye, where it used to keep the rodent population down. Its the forerunner of both the Scottie and the West Highland white.


i love this dog|||carin terrier

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